Why Self-Sovereign Identity fixes everything (and why we need to be careful)

This is my first post that was co-written by Chat-GPT. I’ve marked with an asterisk sections that were largely AI generated with some editing by me. Interested in hearing what people think! Want to stop scammers and hackers from repeatedly stealing funds? Want to give funds to someone with confidence they’ll pay you back? WantContinue reading “Why Self-Sovereign Identity fixes everything (and why we need to be careful)”

Charles Hoskinson FT Interview

Charles Hoskinson did an interview recently with Jemima Kelly of the Financial Times. At first I thought it was a rather hostile interviewer and very good calm responses from Charles. However on a second viewing I could see areas where the reporter wasn’t getting a direct answer to their questions and hence why they mightContinue reading “Charles Hoskinson FT Interview”

NFT projects and Trust – an epic Twitter space discussion

I started writing this as one of those long twitter threads but decided to just put it into a blog post.. I’m only 55% of the way through this epic Twitter space with @monad_alexander , @wabdoteth and @ponziratti.  But a lot has been covered so I wanted to share my thoughts. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YpKkgMELlVKj 1. Firstly IContinue reading “NFT projects and Trust – an epic Twitter space discussion”

Algorand’s TPS

In this article I dive deeper into what’s driving Algorand’s TPS and what Cardano can learn from it. But lets start by first by explaining TPS better. TPS is about transaction volume not speed Here is a chart generated through Coin Metrics A simpletons interpretation of this chart would be “Oh this shows Algorand isContinue reading “Algorand’s TPS”

Time is ripe to formulate a vision for Defi 2.0

Terra Luna collapse, Nomad bridge hack, Solana wallets hack… decentralized finance aka DeFi, has not put its best foot forward lately. All these issues are just part of a long line of hacks, scams, and collapses that have occurred in crypto over the years (see Crypto’s Dirty Little Secret). The truth is that crypto encouragesContinue reading “Time is ripe to formulate a vision for Defi 2.0”

Cardano “Vasil” hardfork on-track for June

In the same week we found out about the delay to Ethereum’s upgrade known as the “merge”, which was expected to be in June but is now some tbd months later, we found out the status of another June hardfork – this time on Cardano. And unlike Ethereum’s upgrade, Cardano’s “Vasil” upgrade is on trackContinue reading “Cardano “Vasil” hardfork on-track for June”