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NFT projects and Trust – an epic Twitter space discussion

I started writing this as one of those long twitter threads but decided to just put it into a blog post.. I’m only 55% of the way through this epic Twitter space with @monad_alexander , @wabdoteth and @ponziratti.  But a lot has been covered so I wanted to share my thoughts. 1. Firstly IContinue reading “NFT projects and Trust – an epic Twitter space discussion”

The 5 min intro to Cardano

This blog post is aimed at those who want to quickly get up to speed on Cardano. I’m going to distill it down to only the essentials. About the chain Famous for being the slow moving tortoise, Cardano has taken a research first approach to blockchain development, arguing that it was necessary given the complexContinue reading “The 5 min intro to Cardano”

The case against Bitcoin’s security (vs. POS)

This is the second part of my trilogy of articles. The first being The case against Bitcoin’s energy usage, and the last one being The Case against Bitcoin’s governance. In this post I will examine the view that a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, specifically Cardano, is fundamentally less secure than an energy hungry Proof-Of-Work (PoW) coin,Continue reading “The case against Bitcoin’s security (vs. POS)”

The case against Bitcoin’s energy usage

There is an emerging schism between Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies such as Cardano. Some of it is down to differences of opinion around security, some of it is around blockchain utility, but the most notable difference is around energy consumption. In the past year I’ve seen Bitcoiner’s apply gravity bending logicContinue reading “The case against Bitcoin’s energy usage”

Tons of Cardano News

There’s been an absolute riot of Cardano news lately that I thought it about time I made a blog post to comment on them all. I’ll start with the less technical news then gradually more on to the deeper end of the pool. Minswap Drama You may remember Minswap as “that DEX that caused concurrencyContinue reading “Tons of Cardano News”

Is Cardano undervalued?

As I write this in the first week of spring, there is much hand wringing amongst the Cardano community over what is going to on with the price. For those of you reading this in the future, welcome time-traveler, we hope you look back with amusement over the days when Cardano was at 0.86 dollars,Continue reading “Is Cardano undervalued?”

Sundae Status

This is a copy / paste of a discord conversation between Cobie and SundaeSwap on the Discord server for the benefit of the Reddit community. I shall provide my own summary at the end in the next day or two once I’m back from travelling. Cobie: hii, so i read the post but was confusedContinue reading “Sundae Status”

Crypto in 2022

I thought I would paint one vision of what might be in store for cryptocurrencies in 2022. Most of this is just an extrapolation of where were are today + a generous dose of hopium. Take it with a large pinch of salt! More and more people will get into cryptos Crypto has had aContinue reading “Crypto in 2022”

Crypto’s dirty little secret

The crypto world is claiming that DeFi will disrupt traditional finance, yet conveniently overlooking a glaring issue in the DeFi space that will significantly hamper adoption. To make it worse, it’s a problem where short-term greed fuels long term complacency. But does Cardano have the answer? Now while in some of these cases the hacksContinue reading “Crypto’s dirty little secret”

Cardano Scalability (video)

Follow up to my Avalanche vs Cardano blog post, in which I discuss Cardano’s self healing, increasing TPS on L1, and fast finality. Watch here

Forecasting hierarchical time series using deep learning in a commercial setting

Note: This article was originally written for another purpose but I thought I’d publish a copy on my blog too. A recent paper by Mancuso, Piccialli, and Sudoso, titled A machine learning approach for forecasting hierarchical time series (May 2021) showed success in hierarchical time-series forecasting in the Italian retail sector. Experiment setup The purposeContinue reading “Forecasting hierarchical time series using deep learning in a commercial setting”

Avalanche vs Cardano

Should you own any AVAX? Avalanche has been rising up the crypto charts lately and I thought I’d take a deep dive on how the protocol works. Specifically I wanted to know how it compares to Cardano and whether it meant Cardano was already outdated as some were already saying. Disclaimer Now as a disclosure,Continue reading “Avalanche vs Cardano”

IOHK’s tour of Africa

Note: This is a slightly abridged version of what was originally published on my YouTube channel As you probably know, Charles Hoskinson and IOHK have been doing a tour of the African continent, discussing potential blockchain based solutions with a number of world leaders. The most recent tweet from Charles said “We signed an MOUContinue reading “IOHK’s tour of Africa”

Public blockchain based digital IDs could be a game changer

When it comes to a good use of blockchain technology, digital identities are near the top of the list. While the DeFi world is all about anonymous trading and (likely) shady practices, the RealFi (real world finance) world, as well as the Enterprise world, require companies knowing who they are transacting with and whether someoneContinue reading “Public blockchain based digital IDs could be a game changer”

Show me the DApps

I’ve seen an increasing level of frustration in the Cardano community over the price of Ada. A lot of people were expecting a boost given the implementation of smart contracts and the announcements from the Cardano summit at the end of September. In my mind, we won’t see significant price increase till we have actualContinue reading “Show me the DApps”

The coming of the Cardano Age

Cardano has been making headlines for different reasons lately. After shooting up to become the third biggest crypto project in terms of market cap, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum, it then found itself embroiled in a debate about whether it can handle concurrent transactions (short answer is yes). After a multi-year wait, Cardano is setContinue reading “The coming of the Cardano Age”

Plutus Explained: How native tokens are defined

Welcome to the Plutus Explained series of blog posts where I seek to explain the Plutus programming language, in an accessible manner. This post accompanies the Plutus Pioneer week 5 video. (2-5 minute mark) First of all each UTxO has both an Address and a Value (i.e. quantity). In EUTxO, each UTxO also has a Data too, though weContinue reading “Plutus Explained: How native tokens are defined”

Crypto Explained: Hashing

Welcome to the Crypto Explained series of blog posts where we explain technical terms in an accessible manner. In this post we will be discussing hashing. Hashing is a very important technical concept that I feel everyone, technical and non-technical people alike should learn. I will explain it like this. Hashing is essentially a digitalContinue reading “Crypto Explained: Hashing”

An overview of DeFi – A threat to traditional finance?

In this post we’ll take a look at DeFi (Decentralized Finance), a burgeoning area of cryptocurrency application, which could upend traditional finance. Here we will go through some of the most popular types of DeFi space applications. Decentralized Exchanges Decentralized Exchanges or DEXes are currently the most popular cryptocurrency use case. They allow users toContinue reading “An overview of DeFi – A threat to traditional finance?”

Cardano 360 June Update

Well it’s that time again my fellow Ada-mantium handed Cardanites! And with each passing month we get tantalizingly close to the launch of Goguen! I know you’re all busy and want to know the key points from todays event, so let’s get down to it. Alonzo Update Command Line Interface (CLI) up and running toContinue reading “Cardano 360 June Update”

“If Charles died tomorrow ADA would die with it that’s how decentralized ADA currently is.”

written by ReddSpark, May 2021 This post is inspired by this tweet by @BPEOSIO. The full tweet contains two additional arguments but I’m going to concentrate on only the first argument in this blogpost: If Charles died tomorrow ADA would die with it that’s how decentralised ADA currently is. Peer reviews have there place butContinue reading ““If Charles died tomorrow ADA would die with it that’s how decentralized ADA currently is.””

Next 90 days

Great video from Charles Hoskinson just now laying out what the next 90 days of Goguen roll out might look like with the important caveat that this is the critical path and things could come up which delay it. The next townhall event on Thursday 27th will present the plan in more detail. Next 30Continue reading “Next 90 days”

Go Green, Go POS?

Which crypto technology is better for the environment? There’s been a lot of discussion lately about whether cryptocurrencies are good or bad for the environment. Tesla cited the energy consumption of Bitcoin as the reason they would stop accepting it as payment for cars. Greenpeace has said the same with regards to donations. And onContinue reading “Go Green, Go POS?”

Cardano for Enterprise

In this post I’d like to explain why I think Cardano will be the number one choice for Fortune 500 companies and governments looking to develop their own blockchain solution going forward. Firstly a brief history of Cardano.. Cardano originated when founder Charles Hoskinson left Ethereum, another popular crypto project for which he was aContinue reading “Cardano for Enterprise”

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