Pool Wars I – Why you should delegate to a small pool

If you are new to Cardano you may not be aware of the important role small stake pools play in the Cardano ecosystem. If you’re not sure what a stake pool is, I recommend reading my previous post, Staking – Simply Explained. Proof-Of-Stake networks rely on pool operators to keep the system running and itContinue reading “Pool Wars I – Why you should delegate to a small pool”

Cardano Staking – Simply Explained

This article attempts to give a clear and simple explanation of staking for people that are new to Cardano. What is Staking? Staking is like earning interest on your Ada, just like you would with a bank account. Except in this case instead of keeping your Ada at bank (or rather the Exchange) you moveContinue reading “Cardano Staking – Simply Explained”