“Cardano is all marketing and no deliverable”

This post was inspired by this tweet from @TheBostonhabah. Now before I begin, let me say I pride myself on calling out valid criticism, rather than being a rabid moon boy, so this post may or may not be a glowing praise of Cardano – let’s find out. Ok so let’s start with the fullContinue reading ““Cardano is all marketing and no deliverable””

Cardano Staking – Simply Explained

This article attempts to give a clear and simple explanation of staking for people that are new to Cardano. What is Staking? Staking is like earning interest on your Ada, just like you would with a bank account. Except in this case instead of keeping your Ada at bank (or rather the Exchange) you moveContinue reading “Cardano Staking – Simply Explained”

What you may not know about Africa

I thought it would be good to inform people about the immense potential for blockchain in Africa and to dispel some notions about it. Disclaimer: I am not from Africa and this is based on internet research! According to 2020 research by one of the Big 4, Africa has seen the biggest growth in workingContinue reading “What you may not know about Africa”

Why I prefer Cardano over Ethereum

I’ve seen a lot of comments from people on Reddit saying they cannot understand why anyone would invest in Cardano. Well here is my response to them. Why I prefer Cardano over Eth 1. Development Activity I recall one of the reasons that I decided to even look into Cardano, two years ago, was research thatContinue reading “Why I prefer Cardano over Ethereum”

Cardano for Enterprise

In this post I’d like to explain why I think Cardano will be the number one choice for Fortune 500 companies and governments looking to develop their own blockchain solution going forward. Firstly a brief history of Cardano.. Cardano originated when founder Charles Hoskinson left Ethereum, another popular crypto project for which he was aContinue reading “Cardano for Enterprise”

Cardano’s Approach to the Trilemma

Benjamin Cowen recently did a good video doing a fundamentals analysis of Ethereum. As someone that prefers fundamental analysis over technical this was a welcome breath of fresh air. However I did want to provide a response to his analysis. His main argument for Eth was the following: a) Blockchains often have to trade off between Decentralization,Continue reading “Cardano’s Approach to the Trilemma”