Cardano “Vasil” hardfork on-track for June

In the same week we found out about the delay to Ethereum’s upgrade known as the “merge”, which was expected to be in June but is now some tbd months later, we found out the status of another June hardfork – this time on Cardano. And unlike Ethereum’s upgrade, Cardano’s “Vasil” upgrade is on trackContinue reading “Cardano “Vasil” hardfork on-track for June”

The case against Bitcoin’s energy usage

There is an emerging schism between Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies such as Cardano. Some of it is down to differences of opinion around security, some of it is around blockchain utility, but the most notable difference is around energy consumption. In the past year I’ve seen Bitcoiner’s apply gravity bending logicContinue reading “The case against Bitcoin’s energy usage”

Crypto’s dirty little secret

The crypto world is claiming that DeFi will disrupt traditional finance, yet conveniently overlooking a glaring issue in the DeFi space that will significantly hamper adoption. To make it worse, it’s a problem where short-term greed fuels long term complacency. But does Cardano have the answer? Now while in some of these cases the hacksContinue reading “Crypto’s dirty little secret”

Maladex (Part II) – fragmented liquidity, price curves, and scalability

Part 2 of my walk through of the Maladex whitepaper where we look at several innovative features, from a fragmented liquidity pool, dynamic price curves, and an efficient and fast architecture that takes advantage of Cardano’s design Link:

Maladex (Part 1) – Intro to DEXEs, Liquidity, and disrupting TradFi (video)

In this video I take you through sections 1-3 of the (very detailed!) Maladex whitepaper. If you don’t understand things like what a DEX or a liquidity pool is, or want to get a taste of how Maladex wish to disrupt the finance industry then this video is for you. Watch here

Forecasting hierarchical time series using deep learning in a commercial setting

Note: This article was originally written for another purpose but I thought I’d publish a copy on my blog too. A recent paper by Mancuso, Piccialli, and Sudoso, titled A machine learning approach for forecasting hierarchical time series (May 2021) showed success in hierarchical time-series forecasting in the Italian retail sector. Experiment setup The purposeContinue reading “Forecasting hierarchical time series using deep learning in a commercial setting”

IOHK’s tour of Africa

Note: This is a slightly abridged version of what was originally published on my YouTube channel As you probably know, Charles Hoskinson and IOHK have been doing a tour of the African continent, discussing potential blockchain based solutions with a number of world leaders. The most recent tweet from Charles said “We signed an MOUContinue reading “IOHK’s tour of Africa”

The state of machine learning and AI (Part I)

I thought it time I returned to some of my other areas of interest prior to discovering cryptocurrencies. And I thought I’d kick it off by doing a round up of what the current state of machine and AI research is. Before diving in, let’s start with setting the background. Background Machine learning is anContinue reading “The state of machine learning and AI (Part I)”

Public blockchain based digital IDs could be a game changer

When it comes to a good use of blockchain technology, digital identities are near the top of the list. While the DeFi world is all about anonymous trading and (likely) shady practices, the RealFi (real world finance) world, as well as the Enterprise world, require companies knowing who they are transacting with and whether someoneContinue reading “Public blockchain based digital IDs could be a game changer”

The coming of the Cardano Age

Cardano has been making headlines for different reasons lately. After shooting up to become the third biggest crypto project in terms of market cap, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum, it then found itself embroiled in a debate about whether it can handle concurrent transactions (short answer is yes). After a multi-year wait, Cardano is setContinue reading “The coming of the Cardano Age”

A brief technical review of Algorand

After going deep down the rabbit hole on Bitcoin’s UTXOs, Cardano’s EUTXOs, and Ethereum’s Accounting based model, I became curious to see how Algorand operated. I’d heard some pretty good things about the project and wanted to know more. So in today’s post we shall take a brief look at some of the technical aspectsContinue reading “A brief technical review of Algorand”

Plutus Explained: Minting Policies

Welcome to the Plutus Explained series of blog posts where I seek to explain the Plutus programming language, in an accessible manner. In this post we will cover a minting policies. You may find it helpful to read about native tokens beforehand. This post accompanies Week 5 of the Plutus Pioneers program. A minting policyContinue reading “Plutus Explained: Minting Policies”