“If Charles died tomorrow ADA would die with it that’s how decentralized ADA currently is.”

written by ReddSpark, May 2021

This post is inspired by this tweet by @BPEOSIO. The full tweet contains two additional arguments but I’m going to concentrate on only the first argument in this blogpost:

If Charles died tomorrow ADA would die with it that’s how decentralised ADA currently is. Peer reviews have there place but real problems won’t show up untill real usage. Cardano is 3 years behind while #EOS is battletested, hardened ready for the real world #Bullish

This is easy to dismantle. Firstly stake pool operators keep Cardano going not Charles or IOG. If Charles was to die tomorrow, the Cardano network would not even flinch.

However I suspect what the user is really saying is that Cardano vision is driven largely by Charles and his YouTube videos. And where he to suddenly stop doing this, Cardano would languish in obscurity.

Well the obvious retort to do that is IOG, the company Charles built that in turn has built out Cardano, would simply elect a new CEO that could lay out the vision for Cardano. Cardano is built upon the hard work of programmers that work for IOG, and these will continue to hum along with or without Charles.

Then we have the countless academics that work with IOG in exploring cutting edge research on blockchain. These would not suddenly dry up without Charles being around.

We also have the Cardano Foundation and Frederik Gregaard who plays a role in promoting Cardano to governments and corporates.

In addition, Cardano has built up a massive and loyal community over the years who will continue to educate and inform people about Cardano.

In short, due to the strength of the entire Cardano ecosystem, Cardano is very resilient against an unfortunate scenario of losing the CEO of IOG.

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