Next 90 days

Great video from Charles Hoskinson just now laying out what the next 90 days of Goguen roll out might look like with the important caveat that this is the critical path and things could come up which delay it. The next townhall event on Thursday 27th will present the plan in more detail.

Next 30 days:

  • Codenamed ‘Blue’
  • Private testnet
  • 8 development companies plus the high performing Plutus Pioneers will build out dapps on the testnet
  • Goal: To reach stability with Goguen

30-60 days:

  • Public testnet
  • For Exchanges, wallets and other integration partners, as well as next wave of Plutus pioneers
  • Work on Eco-system support (e.g. support a Cardano stack exchange)
  • Goguen optimization
  • Goal: Determine the exact date for Goguen HFC event

60-90+ days:

  • Provide support to any viable projects that need it through Catalyst and IOG support
  • Creation of a browser extension for Dapps
  • Goguen HFC event

written by ReddSpark, operator of ROBOT stake pool – low fees, low saturation, low energy use

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